Letters to the Editor

In need of treatment

The National Institute of Mental Health defines psychosis as mental illness characterized by loss of contact with reality, delusions and behavior that’s inappropriate for the situation.

A man who believes he’s an alien from outer space and obsesses about getting his affairs in order before leaving planet Earth, exhibits those symptoms and is therefore psychotic. So is a man who believes he’s a woman and acts accordingly. Why does the former get sympathy from friends and treatment from mental health professionals while the latter is celebrated for his eccentric behavior and goes untreated?

I understand that the so-called transgender individual and his supporters believe he doesn’t need treatment. I don’t understand how that belief and mental health professionals’ apparent indifference about his mental condition can possibly be in accord with precepts of psychiatry. It seems to me that those professionals should explain why they feel no responsibility for treating individuals whose psychosis involves gender.

According to its website the American Psychiatric Association has more than 36,000 members. Are they all on vacation during the current national uproar about restroom access?

Phil Edmunds, Boalsburg