Letters to the Editor

Lost sanity

Our president and governor want to force schools and public places like a local gym to open their showers, locker rooms and bathrooms to men who only have to SAY that they think they are women (no operation needed).

Statistics say transgendered people make up one-third of 1 percent of the population. Because they are not comfortable in their own bodies they have the right to make the 99-plus percent uncomfortable. This seems to be grossly unfair!

Males and females of any age should not have to expose their bodies or dress and undress in front of someone of the opposite sex. What are we thinking to allow this to happen in schools where there are teenagers? And how about a local gym where all ages are represented?

Most teenagers are very sensitive about their bodies and many are uncomfortable about showering even with others of the same sex. They would be mortified if they thought someone of the opposite sex could watch them. Girls may fear to use the bathroom at school, damaging their kidneys. This directive applies to sports teams who now have to welcome opposite-sex players and share a bedroom on road trips. We have lost our sanity.

I am a senior citizen. I depend on going to a local gym to get my exercise. Because I swim I have to take a shower afterward. If I had to fear a man walking in on me, it would keep me from attending there. What is wrong with modesty?

Gloria Lehr, State College