Letters to the Editor

Correct the monument

How many more Memorial Days are going to pass till a local monument dedicated to our veterans is historically correct?

For unknown reasons it seems like no one living in Penns Valley or Miles Township cares enough to get involved and make the needed corrections to the Miles Township Veterans Monument. Why?

It is a real shame. Everyone in the area just passes this problem off as “no big deal.” Nobody seems to take responsibility. Someone took it upon themselves to have a star that designated Vietnam combat service removed when they did their last changes. Why would anyone do this?

The monument has been “corrected” on three different occasions and none of them have made it historically correct. Why?

Why am I alone in this? My information on the monument was correct. I am fighting this fight for the other veterans whose information is incorrect. Can anyone answer the question as to why no one cares about this? Don’t you?

Jim Hironimus, White Hall, Md.