Letters to the Editor

The bathroom question

In thinking about people panicking about transgender people using the bathroom of their self-identification, not their born biologic structure, examine the situation carefully.

If a self-identified female born with male parts goes into a female bathroom, there will be no latrines, but rather enclosed toilets, so there will be no need for inappropriate exposure. If a self-identified male born with female parts goes into a male bathroom they will not be able to effectively use latrines, so again they will use enclosed toilets, and again there is no inappropriate exposure.

Why not then respect their gender identification rather than make them uncomfortable in a bathroom with a gender they do not identify with? If there is exposure it is not because of these individuals, but rather individuals who want to expose themselves for some other twisted reason.

The biologic process from egg to full male or female can be influenced by events in the womb. So with one event, sexual preferences are changed; with another, identification of one’s gender is altered.

Ancient religious texts had no idea about this. Unfortunately ancient biases are transmitted from generation to generation. Belief in the absolute infallibility of these ancient texts is source of conflict, not peace, between religions and between people with differing experiences.

Belief in the golden rule, positively and negatively expressed, is not a source of conflict but rather a source for unification.

Doug Keith, State College