Letters to the Editor

Restricting liberty

It’s disappointing that you give editorial recognition to Cynthia Allen’s diatribe on “religious liberty.”

She and her allies are perverting our political language. What they are demanding in the name of “liberty” is simply a thinly disguised attempt to suppress the liberty of others. They are perverting not only the Constitution they claim to venerate but also the religion in whose name they are waging their self-righteous crusade.

The Affordable Care Act is by no means forcing the Little Sisters of the Poor to violate their religious scruples by practicing birth control. In the latest round of interpretation it is not even asking them to pay for someone else’s birth control. All it requires is that they write a letter saying that they will not pay. Then someone else will take the responsibility for giving women their medical rights.

The Little Sisters’ liberty to abstain from providing birth control is not infringed by this policy, and their employees’ liberty is affirmed. Why should they not write the letter? Why should the government not insist upon it?

Claiming that Christians must be free to restrict other people’s behavior is just hypocritical. That’s what Jesus railed at the Pharisees for. As a Christian I am tired of people using our faith to oppress others.

Marion Schwartz, Ferguson Township