Letters to the Editor

Be good neighbors

Clearly State College Area School District’s primary responsibility is education of our young people. However, the district also has responsibilities — almost always met superbly — as a community neighbor.

In conversing about future possibilities for several SCASD elementary schools, at least one board member has opined that closing Corl Street Elementary School would not affect the neighborhood. The rationalization: “They closed College Heights Elementary and that didn’t affect the neighborhood.”

Wrong! As a College Heights resident since 1968, I’ve seen the effects of that neighborhood school closing. Many single-family homes, no longer attractive to young families, were sold as rentals. Sadly, most of these rentals have been poorly maintained, detracting from the neighborhood with their resultant deterioration.

I appreciate the myriad considerations facing the current board. However, I implore them to look at the importance of maintaining this neighborhood school and to be good neighbors.

Donna S. Queeney, State College