Letters to the Editor

An insult

I am a 92-year-old registered independent and a decorated combat veteran. I flew 34 missions as an 8th Air Force B-24 pilot in the European air war during World War II.

I feel compelled to respond to Donald Trump’s public statement that Sen. John McCain was not a hero, because he was a POW.

I and all veterans must consider this an insult to all service members who are put at risk of capture in all wars, past and present. It is especially demeaning for the 95,000 U.S. service personnel who were held captive in Germany and the 27,000 held by Japan during WWII.

In fact, it is also insulting to the memories of the so-called “greatest generation” and their heirs.

Trump’s comment clearly indicates a lack of understanding and a distance from the reality of military matters, which raises serious questions about his qualifications as commander in chief.

John F. Homan, State College