Letters to the Editor

A president who tells it like it is

The “American government media complex” likes to tell us how horrendous Donald Trump is and how wonderful Hill and Bern are.

As a citizen, of the USA, I am for temporarily closing our borders to all people and would like to see our military patrolling them. I strongly believe in the First and Second amendments.

According to the biased news media, I must be racist, bigoted and hate women just like the Donald. Inane pundits tell us that Hillary or Bernie is the way to go.

In my opinion, Hillary Clinton is crooked, evil and self-centered. To put her and Bill back into the White House is sheer insanity! Bernie is a socialist (as close to a communist as one can get!) that just wants to give out freebies. Really!

Donald Trump is a self-made millionaire, a business man, hard working, with panache, strength and who boldly tells it like it is. Gee, that must make him a racist bigoted (misogynist) like me. Who knew?

Closing our borders, extreme vetting, sending illegals back home, Common Core ousted, the laughable Affordable Care Act repealed and job creation for the American citizen, who comes in all colors and religion makes total sense.

I want a president, with a healthy, strong persona, who tells it like it is. I want action! I don’t want to hear about glass ceilings, diversity (while belittling the Caucasian male), government freebies and more government intrusion, into my life.

Go Trump!

Katie Biega, Pine Grove Mills