Letters to the Editor

Nothing more than a salesman

Picking a president is not like buying a car. Donald Trump is like a used-car salesman. He tells you what you want to hear.

His warranty is “on the floor and out the door.” All he cares about is getting voted into office. Hitler moved the Jews and Trump wants to move the Muslims.

Trump shames an American hero, has no respect for women or Hispanics, and hires cheap labor from overseas for his businesses. He has no military experience. He flaunts the fact he pays little or no taxes. He tries to degrade everyone who speaks against him.

Donald Trump is nothing more than a salesman and a majority of the people who see this man as a potential president are looking at the presidential race like a person needing a car. They believe what the salesman tells them. The package looks good on the outside and you are told what a great deal it is. You buy the package and very soon it starts to fall apart, but once you own it you are stuck with it.

The average American is not educated about politics and makes up the majority of the voters. They see Trump as the new car for the future. Think of him as being the new Edsel. Do you get my point?

Jim Hironimus, White Hall, Md.