Letters to the Editor

Trust in Toomey

As part of her campaign stump speech, U.S. Senate candidate Katie McGinty uses her childhood and upbringing as a major selling point to voters.

But the story she’s been telling isn’t true. Often, McGinty touts the fact that she was the first of 10 children to attend college. She forgets that her older brother graduated from La Salle in 1973 and received a master’s from Temple in 1978, three years before his younger sister enrolled in St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia.

In response to being caught in this lie, the campaign team backtracked, offering an incoherent explanation that went in circles.

This is not the first time she has shirked responsibility for her actions. So remember: when it comes to taking responsibility for her actions, you can count on McGinty to pass the buck.

Any candidate for office with morals and ethics knows better than to flat out lie in their campaign message. A lie is a lie. If McGinty cannot tell the truth about her past, how can voters expect to trust her with their future?

In November, I plan to vote for Sen. Pat Toomey, someone we can trust.

Judith Wilson, Centre Hall