Letters to the Editor

No simple solution

How naive can you be about gun control preventing the recent tragedies in Orlando and other places?

I agree that there needs to be reasonable restrictions and regulations for purchasing and carrying a firearm. No argument.

But can you honestly think that any regulations, no matter how tough, will prevent a bad guy from doing bad things? A bad guy will find a way to get a weapon and use it. Do you really think a bad guy is thwarted because they can’t legally buy a firearm? Seriously?

That weapon can be a gun, a truck full of fertilizer, a pressure cooker, a jetliner, explosives wrapped around their chest, you name it — bad guys are creative.

Stricter gun controls would have prevented Orlando? 9/11? Boston? Paris? Brussels?

Quit looking for a simple solution to a difficult problem. There isn’t one.

And think about this — if there were one or more legally armed good guys in many of those tragic situations, the loss of life may have been reduced or possibly prevented.

Andy Krishak, Spring Mills