Letters to the Editor

A job to do

Sen. Pat Toomey, do your job.

As students at Penn State Law, one of the documents we learn (and memorize) is the Constitution. It has about 7,600 words, rounded up and including the amendments. It also contains 18 words, in particular, that Pat Toomey has chosen to ignore. The Constitution commands that the president “shall nominate, and by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, shall appoint ... judges of the Supreme Court.”

The Constitution does not meekly propose to the Senate its role in the nomination process. By keeping Judge Merrick Garland in limbo, by washing his hands of the process after holding a meeting with the judge — by not calling for the Senate to hold any hearings or vote on the nomination, the senator is deviating from the principles inherent to the Constitution he swore to support and defend.

If, as Toomey contends, President Barack Obama fulfilling his constitutional mandate to put forward his choice for Supreme Court justice in his last year of office is unreasonable, then by extension all votes cast by Toomey this year are equally so. Governing doesn’t end when campaign season begins, and by asserting so Toomey is abandoning his responsibility to his constituents.

Instead of obstructing the work of the Supreme Court by holding the seat open for the choice of a president yet to be determined, Toomey should do his duty, and his job, to our country and to the people he was elected to serve.

Patrick Stickney, State College