Letters to the Editor

Get on path to renewable energy

A fracking ban would be true boon for the American economy and a savior, bringing hope that we will have a future without catastrophic climate change.

We would stop being terrorized that we will have some kind of gas pad, cracker plant, compressor station or such next door to our homes wafting cancerous volatile organic compounds into our spaces. Renewable energy is free, doesn’t poison or spill, and we don’t have to pump toxic chemicals into the ground to get it. Natural gas contributes the greenhouse gases CO2, NOx and CH4.

If proponents of fracking succeed in promoting and extracting gas, they will have succeeded in speeding along climate change causing us to contemplate the unthinkable — the apocalyptic fate of the planet from the continued use, extraction and promotion of natural gas and other fossil fuels, killing a renewable energy future that will bring clean, safe jobs and spare the environment.

Other countries are willing to do what needs done, many making commitments to renewables by 2050 while we head the opposite direction; in fact, with the Clean Power Plan, natural gas usage is to increase by 67 percent by 2040. More than 100 countries have already surpassed us in their use of renewable energy. The U.S. renewable energy share is only 13 percent and Pennsylvania’s is only a pitiful 4 percent. There are well-researched solutions to get Pennsylvania and the U.S. to 100 percent renewable; it’s insanity to do otherwise.

Jenny Lisak, Troutville