Letters to the Editor

‘Priceless’ benefits

It seems the State College Area School District has embarked on an adversarial and decisiveness tangent in addressing Corl Street Elementary School. We are paying SCASD taxes, and as owners or renters, we are the “shareholders.” The community biometric/healthy living/geographic benefit to residences in the Corl shadow is, as they say, “priceless.” Walking and bike riding students is the trend. It’s a livable community!

The public agency, SCASD, has the State College borough/Ferguson Township areas now as an “attraction” to be living here with kids who go to Corl. With closing down Corl, SCASD will cause those respective municipal areas to be less attractive ... And the residential property value after closing the school will not be as good as now. I have an accurate crystal ball and it says: “closing the public school” here will lead to “hollowing out” of nearby areas. The child rearing neighborhood(s) will cease. Or choose success with honor.

There’s no need to carry out a demographic study. We know the results: aging population, non-family rentals, smaller household sizes. Let’s do a “market study,” to tally total houses/ apartments, their capacity to accommodate families with children to go to Corl. What is that number? Then the joint program of the district/borough/township public agencies is to get the trend of places to become occupied with folks to hopefully send children to Corl. Go team.

C.A. Kanz, State College