Letters to the Editor

How many more?

Again, a mass killing with a military-style assault weapon. Again, the Republican-led Congress does nothing.

Sen. Pat Toomey even voted against measures to prevent people suspected of being foreign-sponsored terrorists from buying guns.

And Rep. Glenn Thompson, who has been silent on this issue lately, has, in the past, defended the practice of letting civilians buy military-style weapons.

I would ask these politicians, “How many more innocent people must die before you vote to prohibit the sale of military-style weapons to civilians? Apparently, it wasn’t enough that 20 schoolchildren were murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School. It wasn’t enough that 49 adults were murdered in Orlando. So, Sen. Toomey and Rep. Thompson, what will it take? More dead schoolchildren? If 20 weren’t enough, how many would be?”

Robert Baillie, State College