Letters to the Editor

Worried about presidency

Many years ago, becoming the U.S. president meant you were entering into a very dignified position. Americans even expected the president, secretary of state and all politicians to possess many virtues. Telling the truth and doing hard, cooperative work with your own people are two very great virtues.

What was dignified about Hillary Clinton lying to the American people about the attack in Benghazi? How often did the 44th president work cooperatively with Congress? How did lying and executive orders become virtues? When did Iran become a fallen ally in dire need of any kind of aid or assistance from the U.S.?

Tyranny and treason were once serious crimes in the U.S. It’s clear to me that today they are acknowledged as “oopsies.” There is so much puppetry in politics today. Just as there’s a reason why the 42nd president lost his law license, there are reasons yet unknown to the American people why Hillary Clinton still has a law license.

I worry more about who the 45th U.S. president will be than I do about a terrorist attack or the Zika virus.

Phyllis Werts, Renovo