Letters to the Editor

Send developers packing

On Saturday, the CDT printed the Toll Brothers’ response to the community’s outrage about their proposed luxury student housing development (The Cottages) on Whitehall at Blue Course Drive.

There are good reasons for the community to be concerned about this development project.

State College Borough Water Authority raised issues about the potential risks of water contamination from developing at this site.

The Toll Brothers’ complex is proposed to sit upslope of the well fields that provide most of the region’s drinking water.

Toll Brothers paid more than $700,000 in 2012 to settle 370 Clean Water Act violations in 23 states, violations that involved repeated failure to comply with permit requirements, including failure to install and maintain adequate stormwater pollution controls.

They say they have changed their ways, but just one year after this settlement, Toll Brothers received multiple notices of environmental violations from the state Department of Environmental Protection for allegedly polluting two waterways at a construction site in Lehigh County.

Why should we trust them to change their ways now?

Toll Brothers has annual revenues in the billions of dollars, so fines don’t stop them from bad practices. For them, this is just the cost of doing business.

I hope the lawsuit filed by a group of residents against Ferguson Township and the Toll Brothers stops this development and sends them packing back to Philadelphia.

Jill Gomez, State College