Letters to the Editor

Board should change thinking

The irony of it all — the State College Area school board is recommending the closing of the Lemont Elementary School just at a time that a recent 2016 national survey of the “Best Places to Live” rates College Township, home of the Lemont Elementary School, as the No. 1 place to live in the state of Pennsylvania.

The Niche rating places College Township as the seventh-best place to live in America and at the same time places Ferguson Township as the 12th-best place to live in the United States. One should also note that the school board also is contemplating closing Corl Street Elementary School, serving students from Ferguson Township.

It doesn’t make sense to possibly close two neighborhood schools serving students from townships that are rated among the top for most livable places in America when the quality of the two schools (A+) is a major reason for achieving such a high rating.

The State College Area school board should reverse its thinking regarding two neighborhood schools as it plans for the future. One sense of the quality of living likely depends upon a better determination by the board.

Ronald A. Smith, Lemont