Letters to the Editor

Unfair criticism

The person who wrote his opinion (June 17) about Sen. Pat Toomey failed to examine the complete information available on this subject. I found this online (available at aclj.org) in less than 10 seconds:

“Some of the best arguments defending the Senate’s right to act or not act on judicial nominees have been made by leading liberals serving in the Senate — Vice President Biden, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, Senate Democratic Conference Vice Chairman Chuck Schumer and Senate Judiciary Committee ranking member Patrick Leahy.

“When these men were U.S. senators and faced judicial nominations from the opposing party’s president, they articulately laid out the compelling constitutional basis for the Senate to hold no hearings and no votes as part of its broad ‘advice and consent’ power.

“When Vice President Biden — now the president of the Senate — was U.S. Sen. Biden, he served as the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee. As chairman, he led the efforts in 1987 to prevent the confirmation of President Reagan’s Supreme Court nominee Judge Robert Bork, stating, ‘The framers clearly intended the Senate to serve as a check on the president and guarantee the independence of the judiciary. The Senate has an undisputed right to consider judicial philosophy.’ ”

Perhaps the letter writer, Patrick Stickney, would care enough to enlighten himself, and then write a “mea culpa” to the editor that he had unfairly criticized Toomey.

Ken Criste, State College