Letters to the Editor

Trustee departures welcome

The end of Keith Masser’s tenure as chairman of Penn State’s board of trustees cannot come too soon noting his central role in the mishandling of the Jerry Sandusky crisis and its aftermath.

State Sen. John Yudichak assessed this individual’s so-called leadership accurately as follows: “… the egregious actions of Chairman Masser point to a disturbing trend by the board majority to contravene the spirit of university bylaws and to stubbornly ignore long-standing state laws that prescribe membership on the Penn State board of trustees.”

Agriculture trustee Keith Eckel’s departure is similarly welcome because of his own poor judgment and his subsequent failure, at the university’s expense, to correct those mistakes.

Yudichak added of the Masser-led board’s failure to challenge the NCAA’s illegitimate sanctions, “Further proof personal agendas, not a Penn State agenda, are driving board decisions.”

The board’s appointment of another 11/9/2011 holdover like Mark Dambly or Ira Lubert to replace Masser will therefore perpetuate for at least another year the perception and actuality of a board whose primary goal is to subordinate the interests of Penn State to an ongoing cover-up of its botched leadership in November 2011.

Dambly and Lubert are also on record, as proven by Masser’s deposition in a lawsuit against the NCAA, of misrepresenting the circumstances of coach Paterno’s dismissal. Neither of these individuals can therefore command the trust, respect and confidence necessary to lead Penn State and represent Penn State to its stakeholders.

William A. Levinson, Wilkes-Barre