Letters to the Editor

Bill is a deer disaster

I am a certified wildlife biologist with 47 years’ experience in deer research and management, with 25 of those years (1988-2013) in Pennsylvania.

The proposed House Bill 2083 to be voted on by your representative is a deer disaster that will cause harm to all Pennsylvanians while benefiting the small minority of the state’s population comprised of deer hunters who want to see more deer during hunting season.

The bill would basically double deer density and take the state back to the 1980s and 1990s when there were so many deer that deer-car collisions were prevalent (about 50,000-plus per year), many people were hospitalized as a result, and a few died.

Farmers couldn’t raise crops without significant damage and economic losses, homeowners had serious damage to landscaping, forest landowners couldn’t grow trees without costly fencing and the added cost of herbicides to eliminate overabundant deer-caused fern problems and Lyme disease was on the rise.

Other game species’ habitats were simplified by deer browsing and the species reduced in abundance (e.g., try and find a place to hunt snowshoe hares and grouse), and rare plants were endangered or eliminated at alarming rates.

Representatives voting for this bill are placing the desire of some hunters over the well-being, safety and health of all their constituents, including the hunters themselves.

David deCalesta, Crossville, Tenn. (formerly of Warren)