Letters to the Editor

A shameful statement

“Any plans by the president (Eric Barron) to reach out to the Paterno family will be done privately.”

Egregious, shocking, appalling, awful, horrendous, atrocious, abominable, abhorrent, shameful, intolerable — all are words that can be used to address the above statement by Penn State.

This university has spent every single day since Nov. 9, 2011, demeaning, disparaging, embarrassing, degrading, etc., Joe Paterno and his family. The university and select individuals have shouted out to the world, that Joe must go and that all the good Joe and Sue Paterno did for 60-plus years meant nothing and was worthless.

So now, they want to reach out to Sue and her family privately! Woe, to the future of Penn State if these people are allowed to remain in administrative positions. What kind of example are they setting for students and alumni?

Rosemarie Kupchinsky, State College