Letters to the Editor

Leaving a bad taste

When I was obtaining my new six-month parking pass for parking on the University Park campus recently, I was informed of several things.

I would have to return to the office later this summer to pick up a new parking pass with a bar code for the new parking system at the various Penn State garages. However, no one knows when this is going to happen.

This is a major point of anger and frustration. I and many of thousands of Berkey Creamery customers will no longer be able to park free (30 minutes) in the East Parking Garage. We are monthly customers at the Creamery. Not to mention the spur-of-the-moment stops to buy an ice cream cone.

If someone believes that I am going to pay $1 to park while I run into the Creamery to buy my wife an ice cream cone, they need to sign up to be hospitalized at the Meadows. My guess is Meyer Dairy, Giant, Weis Markets and Wegmans will enjoy my added business.

The Transportation/Parking Office has run amok and needs to be reeled in. They are making this university a laughingstock and antagonizing a lot of visitors making this a place not to visit.

Someone needs to remember that this was the Farmers High School and is world-renowned for its ice cream.

Thomas M. Kupchinsky, State College