Letters to the Editor

What awaits a President Trump

Consider what will happen if Donald Trump is elected president in November.

Many people believe that the skill of negotiation is what the country most needs, and Trump is well-known as a skilled negotiator. But negotiation only works with reasonable people.

If Trump is elected, he will have to deal with a Republican majority in Congress that has repeatedly demonstrated an unwillingness to compromise. Trump will have to work with senators like Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Rand Paul.

Most everyone knows that Trump had a tough primary season with those failed candidates, who are unlikely to support whatever Trump’s legislative agenda turns out to be.

House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have had troubled relationships with Trump. Former House Speaker John Boehner could not work with tea party Republicans who were unwilling to compromise with their own party on issues as diverse as the national debt, the federal budget, Planned Parenthood funding, gun control and Obamacare.

In short, a President Trump will be “negotiating” with people who won’t negotiate. It is not hard to predict that, if Trump is elected, the Republicans will lose both houses of Congress within two years of his election as angry, frustrated voters punish them for an inability to govern.

In the meantime, America will not be made great again, and Trump will turn out to be a one-term wonder whose promises turn out to be the empty slogans of a con man who talks better than he delivers.

William J. Rothwell, State College