Letters to the Editor

Seeing light in dark times

Clint Eastwood aims his gun and snarls deadpan — “Make my day.”

All the violence in popular culture and all the guns in our homes support the idea behind this snarl.

Yet it is gross brutal ignorance. Each of us is a window on eternity, as well as a face on the troubles of the world. As we age, that window opens wider until we are complete there when we are finished here. Thus we should see through death by faith, as Wordsworth says.

Yet I know death is a kind of monster not easy to conjure, and accidental and violent death especially so. So there is yet doubt and dread, despite my unction.

When my father was going into the operating room for his last surgery before ultimately dying of cancer, he touched my shoulder and said, “I’ll see you later.” He meant later in eternity.

The world is often very dark, but 50 years later, I still feel his hand on my shoulder.

John Harris, State College