Letters to the Editor

Questions remain

The driverless car, perhaps by 2019!

Driverless? In fact it is driven by a computer. Soon, at a red light, next to you, not a person, but a computer, driving a car.

Trucks, buses, taxis, limos, delivery drivers: Millions drive for a living. Driving is one of America’s most common occupations. Driving (for a living) represents another choice (a second choice) for millions, given the demise of industry in America.

What will happen to these millions, Americans, your neighbors? What will they do? Where will they work?

Technology is gobbling up jobs faster than creating them. We can’t all work for the government, work at a college or a prison.

Will the engineers and bureaucrats who soon foist these vehicles upon us be willing to put their children into a driverless school bus?

Trains, which are restricted to a track and have a driver, have been computer assisted for years. What is their safety record? Not that good.

So many questions, and 2019 is not even three years away.

Some of us have had “I brake for animals” bumper stickers. Will the driverless car (computer) brake for animals or just run them over?

So many questions.

Joe Mogus, Pleasant Gap