Letters to the Editor

Lasting impression

On July 6, after departing a job site at Penn State, my wife and I decided to patronize an eatery in the State College business district before traveling three hours to return to our office in upstate New York.

Our destination was a franchise location on College Avenue where we parked on the street a few doors away. I did not “feed the meter” as I presumed this would not be a necessity during the university’s summer recess, it was relatively late in the day (4 p.m.), and there was ample parking available on both sides of the street.

Upon our return to our vehicle a mere half-hour later, I was shocked to find a parking ticket on my windshield. While my inclination was to curse it away and discard the nuisance, as a law-abiding citizen in whatever jurisdiction I am in, I decided instead to honor the ticket.

Apparently parking ticket revenue is critical to the borough’s fiscal stability so I enclosed a check in the amount of $15 to cover not only the amount of the parking violation fine ($10), but also a 50 percent enhancement for municipality administrative costs associated with the processing of this fine.

In sharp contrast to our initial impression of your quaint community, the lasting one will be associated with our final experience immediately preceding our departure. Consequently, upon our return to Penn State for future business, we will not be patronizing the establishments within the State College business district.

Joe Waz, Vestal, N.Y.