Letters to the Editor

A better system

I see by the June 28 edition of the Clearfield Progress that the Clearfield Area School District is going to increase our taxes by 2 mills.

This is something they promised would not happen when they went ahead with their massive spending project a few years ago. Apparently the statute of limitations has run out on that lie. I wonder what happened to the $12.1 million fund balance reported in The Progress Jan. 26; according to this article the fund has been growing. So why the tax increase? Maybe the best answer is because they can.

Before anyone asks why this wasn’t brought up at board meetings, the answer is simple, I learned while fighting against their massive spending project that the board does not hear anything we say. They did not hear us, they did not read the petitions, and they did not pay any attention to their own study.

What is the answer? Contact your representative and urge him to support HB 1776, which will eliminate property taxes and provide better and a more fair system of funding for schools and hopefully keep the politicians’ hands out of the kitty. There are many special-interest groups fighting this bill, so contact your representative now.

Charles Lauver, Clearfield