Letters to the Editor

Consider energy idea with caution

We should be a little cautious in considering the drastic step recommended by Wayne Madsen to combat climate change (CDT, 7/12).

He wants President Barack Obama to nationalize the energy industry. As a precedent for such an extreme action, he reminds us that on April 8, 1952, President Harry Truman seized the steel mills to prevent a strike. Madsen tells us that, “Only a few die-hard right-wingers bellyached about Truman’s decision, putting their own profit margins ahead of the lives of American combat troops.”

Madsen forgot to tell us that among the “few die-hard right-wingers” was the U.S. Supreme Court, which voided Truman’s action on June 2, 1952, asserting that he did not have the authority. The subsequent steelworkers strike (which ended on July 25, 1952) turned out to be something less than the end of the world. Thus the problem was solved, and the initial extreme action turned out to be unnecessary.

Those who find Madsen’s article compelling should check out waynemadsenreport.com, which contains many equally carefully documented topics.

George Andrews, Centre Hall