Letters to the Editor

Smaller schools enhance education

Currently the SCASD school board is considering closing Corl Street Elementary and shifting many of the students to an expanded Radio Park Elementary. A larger school will have a negative effect on education, even if class sizes remain the same. Although the school can be designed to make it less intimidating for elementary students, they end up isolated from others with four or five classrooms for each grade.

One of the many benefits of smaller schools is that the grades are closer to each other, allowing more interaction between grades. The younger children learn from the older ones, and the older children learn responsibility, strengthening the bonds of the school and the community at large. I hear this from my own kids, and I have seen it at school events. This is not unique to Corl Street, but one of the benefits of any smaller school. Consolidating to a large school will remove this benefit for all children in the district, and weaken our community — both in the Corl Street area, and in the district as a whole.

The school board is responsible for the education system, but it must also be a responsible steward of the community. I urge the school board to work with the borough and others to renovate both Corl Street and Radio Park Elementary.

Bill Wrbican, State College