Letters to the Editor

Actions not good for PSU

Over the past four and half years Penn State has squandered hundreds of millions of dollars that should have been used to educate the youth of Pennsylvania on a clumsy — and largely unsuccessful — effort to wash the stench of Jerry Sandusky from the university.

The Penn State board of trustees inexplicably put a former member of the board of Sandusky’s “victim factory,” The Second Mile, in charge of the Penn State settlement process. And now the board of trustees is apparently poised to elect this same erstwhile Sandusky supporter, Ira Lubert, as its chairman. This is even worse than the university’s tone deaf plan to fete Sandusky pal Bruce Heim at a football game.

Sadly, thousands of alumni around the country will continue to refuse to donate Penn State as long as the board of trustees continues to engage in bizarre behavior that demonstrates that it is incapable of serving the interests of the university, its students, employees, and alumni. How is this good for Penn State?

Marceline Therrien, San Francisco