Letters to the Editor

Orchard Park good fit for skate park

I believe Orchard Park would be a fantastic place to have a bike/skate park.

It would be a great place for kids and families to gather. It would be connected to existing bike paths which would make for easy access and thereby not increase car traffic.

The park would also be a nice place for riders to stop on their way out to Musser’s Gap — a popular destination. It has the support of all local bike shops and it would be in the borough and would be free.

This skate park doesn’t have to be a concrete, wood and steel abyss. There are many environmentally friendly ways to build a bike/skate park and I believe it would be a huge and novel asset in Centre County. I encourage the borough to look at modern designs and other ideas to transform this area into something more useful than what it is now — an underused drainage area for water runoff.

Dave Skipper, Greentree Neighborhood