Letters to the Editor

Time to take burden off police

Thank you for covering our Showing up for Racial Justice rally to support the Black Lives Matter movement, a rally that I attended with a fellow parishioner representing the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Centre County. It was an enlightening time, and I got the chance to engage in conversations with some of the people watching us.

I got to hear the mantra “All lives matter” from a couple of people whose demeanor I found supercilious. But then my judgment was clouded by the fact that they recited a platitude as it if were a profound truth.

“All lives matter” is like the legendary information from Microsoft, perfectly true and perfectly useless. And as inappropriate as a 911 dispatcher reciting “All men are mortals” to someone calling for an ambulance.

It is good to remember that for many black families, they see the situation as an emergency and that they tremble each time their child goes outside. Will he come back? Or be shot through some misunderstanding from the police?

It is a situation that calls for help. Or at least to have the honesty to answer “leave me alone, I got trouble of my own,” not pseudo philosophy.

Myself, I have listened to our president say, “we ask too much of our police and too little of ourselves.” It is time to get involved, listen to cries of distress, address the emergency, see what we can do to help and stop burdening the police.

Adriana I. Pena, State College