Letters to the Editor

Consider those suffering today

Mark Neely Jr. (CDT Letters, 7/15) is unwittingly supporting one of the greatest moral travesties of our time: the valuing of people yet to be born more than those suffering today.

Rather than focus on adaptation, helping vulnerable people adapt to real climate change in the present, activist groups such as Citizens’ Climate Lobby promote the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions in an attempt to avert climate problems that may someday happen. As a consequence of such pressure group tactics, of the $1 billion a day spent across the world on climate finance, only 6 percent of it goes to adaptation, the rest goes to vain attempts to control climate.

We are actually near the lowest level of CO2 in Earth’s history. During a multimillion-year period about 440 million years ago, CO2 was about 1,400 percent of today’s level, while Earth was stuck in one of the coldest period of the last half-billion years. At other times, it was hot when CO2 levels were high. At still other times, it was neither unusually hot nor cold. There is no consistent correlation between CO2 levels and temperatures in the geologic record.

Neely should reconsider whether he really wants to endorse CCL. By promoting the scientifically unfounded belief that we can regulate Earth’s climate merely by reducing CO2 emissions, CCL encourages the continuation of this scandal.

Tom Harris, Ottawa, Ontario

Tom Harris is executive director of the International Climate Science Coalition