Letters to the Editor

Contact your rep about biofuel

Help me figure out the logic of the following scenario:

Back in 2005 the Environmental Protection Agency, Congress and President George W. Bush pushed for and passed the biofuel mandate. That meant 10 percent of each gallon of fuel at the pump had to be biofuel and water — notoriously ethanol. The administration feared we were facing an oil shortage and prices would go sky high.

Fortunately, the opposite happened — we have an overabundance of oil and natural gas and prices have literally been cut in half from the mid-2000s. So, instead of rescinding this obsolete fiat the EPA wants to raise the mandate to 15 percent this year. Please explain.

I guess you like paying more at the pump — upward of 26 cents per gallon if we add 5 percent more ethanol. I assume you also enjoy the lowered fuel efficiency caused by biofuels; and you just love risking the health and longevity of your engine. Our gas mileage is lower with it. So it’s all a farce. All U.N. games.

Pennsylvania is full of resilient, frugal and handy folks. We hang onto our cars, trucks, recreational vehicles, equipment and tools for a long, long time. We know how to keep an engine purring long past its prime.

Tell the EPA to get out of our gas tanks by contacting your U.S. representative. Urge him to co-sponsor H.R. 5180 — the Food and Fuel Consumer Protection Act. This legislation will fix problems with the Renewable Fuel Standard’s biofuel mandate once and for all.

David Robinson, Howard