Letters to the Editor

Healing the divides

There is a need to mend, a need to bring people together to understand and not fear one another — in the Black Lives Matter movement as well as in other rising tides of discord.

The black community would do well to do outreach of its members, both male and female, meeting with local police and opening up about their lives, and having policemen do the same, getting to know one another on a deeper level, getting feedback from one another.

In Congress, Democrats and Republicans should thoroughly and completely intermix in their seating, and have small gatherings of equal numbers of each in discussion about their lives and what matters to them.

Muslims should have a similar outreach. Divisive elements like hate radio should again be made responsible for their factual content as they used to be required by law. Terrorist internet sites and terrorist teachings are a major concern, and should be dealt with, much should be coming from positive actions from peace-loving Muslim mosques.

We must all be addressing our own bigoted beliefs before judging others. Divided we fall from anxiety into fear, hatred, chaos and violence. Only by sharing on a deeper level can we see the humanity, love, wisdom, compassion and sense of justice in another.

Don’t let the vitriolic few divide the peaceful vast majority. Address the inequity in our systems and make a better world.

Doug Keith, State College