Letters to the Editor

Be there for those around you

Today is the first anniversary of my younger brother’s suicide.

I remember the words on the phone that night: “Your brother just shot himself.”

I can’t imagine what was going through his mind the moment he decided to pull the trigger but I am sure he was in an very sad and lonely place. The sadness and loneliness, however, started well before the actual moment of suicide.

The momentum to follow through with suicide began at some point in the past. We don’t know how long the internal suffering and the struggles were consuming his thoughts and life. We don’t know when he lost his spirit for life. But to think that the only solution available is to end your life has to be absolute anguish.

Throughout the hours of each day and during the hasty pace of our lives, take time to observe the people around you. Whether they are family members, loved ones, friends or coworkers, observe them to see if there are changes in their life. If something seems amiss, simply ask: “Is everything OK?” It could help give them the courage to regain their spirit for life.

Todd Smith, Boalsburg