Letters to the Editor

Keep Corl Street open

We would like to inform you that the majority of the Corl Street community hopes that the SCASD school board decides to keep our school open. Our reasons are that Corl Street has the greatest percentage of walkers and that the school is small enough that an individual can name the friendly faces they see.

Corl Street has the highest walker percentage in SCASD. In 2014, 51 percent of Corl Street students walked or biked to school. During the warmer seasons, the bike racks are overflowing. Closing Corl Street would increase the number of students busing to school each day. This would negatively affect the budget and would also have a negative effect on the environment.

Our second reason is that when walking down a hall in Corl Street, you see many kind faces that you recognize. Closing the school would break all the bonds already made with both teachers and students. All the teachers at Corl Street work so well together by combining classes and exchanging ideas. At pickup, all of the parents pass the time by talking to each other, and in this way they make new friends and keep old ones. Closing Corl Street would weaken the community and break bonds made at the school.

We enjoy going to Corl Street and being surrounded by the Corl Street community. Both the high percentage of walkers and the strong community are reasons why SCASD should keep Corl Street open.

Maya Salter and Samantha Wrbican, Corl Street fifth-graders