Letters to the Editor

Little help for widows of veterans

My father was awarded the Bronze Star for his heroic actions in World War II. His widow, my mother, is now 94 and living in a personal care home.

The Veterans’ Association contributes to the care of war veterans and their spouses — if you apply and wait to be approved. The wait is long. I’ve been told that they may approve only so many applications per month due to the budget restraints — the budgets that are cut by Congress. Applications for dire need may be “expedited” by local representatives.

That brings me to Rep. Glenn Thompson, R-Howard Township. After waiting four months, I sent him the requested information so he could help. After waiting another month, I called to ask how the “expediting” worked. I was told that they call the VA and ask that the representative’s office be informed when the approval comes through. Actually, I will be informed when the approval comes through.

However, Thompson did do something. He put my mother on the mailing list for donations to his campaign.

I think my next call is going to be to Hillary Clinton. I hear she supports veterans and their families and wants to help people.

Janet Friel, State College