Letters to the Editor

Crucial time for climate action

Our country pioneers itself as the global leader in politics, social justice, technology and environmentalism. But when it comes to climate change it seems we have instead become masters of pretending, and our methods of agriculture are a testament to that.

Monocultures, heavy use of fertilizers, huge swaths of land dedicated solely to corn and soy, producing water-needy crops in drought-riddled areas — this is not a model for combating climate change. This is a model for an unsustainable system that is destined to crash as our climate continues to transform.

Instead, we should champion urban agriculture, permaculture, truly organic methods of production and vibrant community involvement. We must urge all levels of government to embrace these methods to help America’s farmers and communities in achieving such change. Until then, we only continue contributing to climate change and leave ourselves ever more vulnerable to the impending consequences.

With the coming election, America will take a monumental stance on how our governance will evolve during such a crucial time for climate action. Many important issues including racial, gender and income equality have been at the forefront of debates. However, our fight for equality among ourselves will be wasted if we do not fight for the ability to continue inhabiting this planet. Climatic instability only increases the vulnerability and risk faced by those most discriminated upon. It is time to end our political atrophy and advocate for positive, lasting climate adaptation and mitigation.

Nicole Gargiulo, State College