Letters to the Editor

Planned Parenthood offers vital services

Recently, an unsigned note was placed under my windshield wiper. It read: “by all means let’s kill the baby humans and save the baby seals — I’ll pray 4 you!”

What apparently prompted this unsolicited comment was my car window sticker — “I stand with Planned Parenthood.”

Initially, I was miffed that someone lacking impulse control did not respect my viewpoint or property. It would not occur to me to impose my perspective on someone else with an opposing view. However, then I reconsidered.

For nearly 100 years, Planned Parenthood has been serving men, women and young adults to make informed, independent decisions about their health, sexual activity and family planning. Through testing and treatment, they reduce the spread of sexually transmitted diseases; they screen for cervical, breast and other cancers; and they provide contraceptive information and sex education to help eliminate unplanned pregnancies.

In short, Planned Parenthood has done far more to ensure the health and well-being of planned “baby humans,” while reducing the number of abortions, than has the self-righteous opposition.

Betty Stanford, State College