Letters to the Editor

Taking control of Social Security

The Aug. 2 CDT reported that billionaire and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg and the billionaire Koch brothers’ Freedom Partners Action Fund were supporting Pat Toomey’s senatorial re-election bid in Pennsylvania.

So, too, one would assume, billionaire Donald Trump is supporting Toomey, although Toomey is making every effort to distance himself from the Republican presidential candidate.

Makes sense if you have followed Toomey’s career. He was one of the early presidents of Club for Growth and has received the group’s financial backing again this year. Check them out. They want to reform entitlements, their shorthand for abolishing Social Security as we know it. Billionaires don’t need Social Security, of course, but the rest of us do. A vote against Toomey is a vote against billionaires’ control of your Social Security.

John D. McCarthy, Zion