Letters to the Editor

Better quality control needed

I’ve been taking my son to his summer clubs held by Young Scholars of Central PA, which have been held at the State College Free Evangelical Church. There has been road work going on in the area along Blue Course Drive. Wednesday morning they were paving one side of the road, so there was only one lane open. There were flaggers directing people once they got past College, going toward Westerly, to proceed slowly.

When I and other parents pulled out of the church lot onto Blue Course, there was little if any traffic direction. In the morning, I was waved through by a nearby worker, only to face a line of oncoming traffic. Naturally, they were less than pleased at my presence there. Later, when we all emerged after picking our children up, there was a worker waving her arms in exasperation, apparently surprised at the traffic coming from the church lot.

I’m sure that when the road work is done, it will be a great benefit. And I’m also sure that there are many variables to a project like this. But the staff there was clearly ill-prepared for the appearance of traffic along the construction route. It’s hardly rocket science, so I’d have to say that the logistical control was a few levels short of awesome.

I’d ask the supervisors who approve work like this to ensure that better quality control is in place in the future.

Mark Ballora, State College