Letters to the Editor

Restore Paterno statue

In a recent AlumniInsider article, alumni association CEO Paul Clifford asked what could make Penn State even more special.

This is my answer: Restore Joe Paterno to his proper place in Penn State history by standing up against the NCAA pressure that demeans his memory. How? By restoring the Paterno statue to main campus. Removal was a mistake and part of an effort to discredit Paterno.

Paterno is not here to defend himself, but on the other hand, he doesn’t need to defend himself. He set an example in his everyday life — education before football. I was not varsity but remember his grounding of players whose GPAs were not up to snuff.

I also know that in the Jerry Sandusky affair, he took appropriate action by informing the administration of Sandusky’s inappropriate behavior with the expectation that the administration would act. The administration’s failure is not Paterno’s failure.

Demonstrate just how special we are by restoring Paterno and his statue to its appropriate place in Penn State history.

Michael Iseman, Delray Beach, Fla.