Letters to the Editor

A true honor

Despite all of the recent headlines condemning the police or the attacks directly inflicted on law enforcement officers, the words “To Protect And Serve ...” still have meaning to the men and women in blue — I will swear to that.

Recently, during the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts, I was privileged to be given the opportunity to ride along with a State College police officer during a typical shift.

I accompanied Officer Brad Cornali during the late night hours of July 14 and the early morning hours of July 15. I was able to observe his interactions with the public and other officers while performing his usual duties. Two words instantly come to mind — patience and excellence. Responding to a number of incidents during the ride-along, I was impressed with his abilities, as well as those of other officers (yes, there were a couple of incidents with multiple officers responding).

Time and time again, all officers were courteous, compassionate and, again, patient beyond belief. Despite having to deal with some difficult situations/people, all of the officers conducted themselves in an exceptional manner.

It truly was an honor to interact with the officers and learn a little bit about them personally — and yes, they were all real people; the kind of people I would be honored to stand behind or with for any reason. My sincere thanks to all who serve and have served.

Marty Smith, Aaronsburg