Letters to the Editor

Trump will unite broken nation

I want to reiterate my support for Donald Trump for president of the United States of America. I have never been more serious in my life.

Trump means vitality and life for America. He will unite a wounded and broken nation of all creeds and ethnicities. He will stop the insidious migration of illegal aliens and deport those who should leave our country. Law and order will be restored through strength. Corrupt Hillary will complete the death of America, which Barack Obama began, due to a mindless, spineless Congress. To put her and Bill back into the White House is beyond my scope.

Trump will attempt to secure our open borders, repeal the Affordable Care Act, strengthen our military and help our veterans to retain their health and honor. Trump will remove federal government participation in the schooling of our children, and reinstate local and parental commitment. He will work to create jobs so desperately needed by all. Student loan interests should be reduced and wages sensibly increased.

I believe he will challenge Americans to rebuild our corroding infrastructure and allow a safe “pipeline” to be built in this country.

The Constitution will be upheld and judges who will uphold it, not redefine it, will be appointed. The American people will become first and foremost. Protection of its citizens is our government’s first duty. Through effort and hard work the American people, along with this leader, will help to make America great again. All lives will matter.

Katie Biega, Pine Grove Mills