Letters to the Editor

A different world

I graduated from Penn State roughly 40 years ago. I graduated owing less than a thousand dollars.

A three-month summer job at U.S. Steel provided more than enough money for room and board for a full school year. I not only lived, but as they say, I lived large! Life was good at Penn State.

Today that U.S. Steel plant is closed — it’s “Rust Belt America,” gone with the wind.

I knew no one who graduated with significant, unmanageable debt. No one.

Today it’s a different world in which money dominates.

Colleges should be about enlightenment, not money. Health care should be about health, not money. Everything should not be about money!

Is this country about people or a balance sheet or a cash register? Are we a country or an economy?

Today, a student’s debt of $100,000 is not uncommon.

Economist Milton Friedman wrote the “bible” of conservative thought, “Free to Choose.” This was Ronald Reagan’s blueprint.

Choose? What choices can you make if you are buried in debt? To take any job offered (regardless of wage). Choice? Free?

Another Bible (the original) states unequivocally that “Debt is Slavery.” It was true 4,000 years ago and remains true today.

Are these kids free? Or are they in fact indentured, indebted and not really free at all?

This “wisdom” of the Bible from a card-carrying agnostic — me. Truth is truth.

P.S. While nearly all debt can be discharged via Chapter 7 bankruptcy, student debt cannot. It is yours for life!

Joe Mogus, Pleasant Gap