Letters to the Editor

Trump dishonors Purple Heart

My dad earned the Purple Heart. It sits on my bookcase in a place of honor. He earned it in the early morning hours of Aug. 8, 1944. On that morning he was severely shot in the leg while flying bombing missions over France. He lost a great deal of blood. In fact, it was not certain he would live.

Later that day, as my dad lay in his hospital bed, his remaining crew went out on another mission. This time their plane was blown out of the skies. Of that crew, one man — my dad — was the sole survivor. He carried the scars, physically and mentally, with him until his death in 2001.

Donald Trump said he “always wanted” a Purple Heart. He joked that it “was much easier” to be given it by a supporter than truly earning it.

Mr. Trump, did you always want to be a waist gunner on a bomber in WWII? Did you yearn to be shot in the leg and imagine seeing it fly from your body? Do you think Aug. 8, 1944, was an easy day for my father?

Sir, the proper response to that supporter would have been to thank him for his service and return the medal to him.

You dishonor the Purple Heart

You disrespect the men and women who earned it.

And you infuriate their sons and daughters.

Joseph Torrell, Bellefonte