Letters to the Editor

No time for apathy

Set aside his lovers, every person who has seen Donald Trump talking — his choice of words, their usage, and the way they are delivered, along with his small rolling-blinking eyes, his mouth-chin shapes, his facial caricatures, and hand gestures — must have wondered how this poor, sick man could be president.

Mental sickness is not a laughing matter when someone has nodded to the usage of nuclear bombs and openly brags about shooting people in the street without any repercussions. If anyone of us said or even implied a fraction of what he gets away with every time he opens his mouth, we would be in prison without question.

Should he win, he will carry both houses, thus giving the green light to his followers to start deadly internal racial and gender wars, and destroy the world so that his personal wealth and fame break all records for all the times, albeit without anyone cheering.

We thought we had serious problems, but this one breaks the hell out of thinking minds as democracy is being pulled out right underneath our feet! He is being openly identified as being unfit for the presidency not only by people of the other party, but also by his own party and mind science experts. It would be utterly irresponsible and illogical to assume they are all wrong.

This is no time for apathy to watch the events from sidelines as if it was yet another TV show.

Mahesh Bhardwaj, State College