Letters to the Editor

Consider other regional parks

I am puzzled by the focus on Orchard Park as the potential site of a skate/bike action park.

The location is less than ideal for such a park. It is a fully developed park that functions in directing drainage from a large area all the way down the hill to the high school and beyond. This can readily be seen in the stream coming out of the park after a heavy shower.

Orchard Park has limited space and limited parking. Using the space for a skate park would limit the recreational options for open space activities for the residents of the neighborhood houses, apartments and condos.

Why not look at parks that are not fully developed and have more space. Tudek Park is accessible on the bike path, on the bus line and near housing. Other possibilities are Circleville Park or the park being planned at the intersection of Whitehall Road and Blue Course Drive.

Why not enlarge the conversation to include our other regional parks that might be a better fit for the facility?

Frances E. Moorman, State College